Pervert Jimmy Kimmel Buys Nude Bea Arthur Picture for $1.9 Million

If any of you mangy fingered internet users are looking around for a nudge Bea Arthur picture, you will not find it here. So just forget about it!

We can tell you where you will find it though: hanging in a wall, right next to Jimmy Kimmel’s bed in his posh New York apartment. The late night funny man who talks like an excited gymnast who just won gold and is breathlessly trying to tell her life story to the commentators in 10 seconds, is actually a very sick, sick man.

To make matters worse, Jimmy Kimmel spent over $1.9 million dollars on the painting. Someone was willing to pay a good fortune to get Maude sans top in their home, and that person is named Jimmy Kimmel.

I am actually very disturbed that Kimmel is taking over Leno’s early morning slot, because how can you trust a man who would defile the Golden Girls? Sure, they ushered in the era of modern homosexuality in America, but should they not be left with a shred of respect?