• Pit Bull Saves Woman, Proves All Dogs Man’s Best Friend

    May 16, 2013 8:13 pm 0 comments

    A pit bulls saves a woman from a burning home and is now being hailed as a hero. As a breed, pit bulls get a tough treatment in the court of public opinion. Stories about the breed’s aggressive nature are abundant, so it is good to see a story detailing their help in saving human life.

    The pit bulls saved the woman from a fire in her Long Island, New York, home. As flames began to spread throughout the home, the dog barked to alert her owner. Jackie Bonsera was drying her hair in an upstairs washroom when she heard her dog barking, alerting her to the flames engulfing her garage.

    As Bonasera recalls of escaping, “I ran out of the house and my neighbors came running over, and then I thought about the dog – I’m like, ‘He saved my life, I have to save his.’”

    Bonsera continues, “So I just put my robe over my face and I ran back in and I grabbed the dog and then I stood out here and I watched my house burn.”

    The hero dog’s name is Cain and Bonasera believes she would have been caught in the flames were it not for her dog’s actions.

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