• Shocking Proof: George Takei Is Not Gay, Schemed Homosexuality To Get Facebook Likes

    May 16, 2013 8:28 pm 1 comment

    George Takei readies his photon torpedoes to implant this buxom bared chest coed, revealing once and for all that his claims of homosexuality are a scamming shame.

    The gay community is in a complete shock and uproar after learning their vanguard Ensign of intestinal wonders, George Takei, is not actually gay. Takei schemed to become the archduke of homosexuality in very precisely calculated bid to become the sympathetic hero of Facebook. By pretending to be gay and thereby gaining expected notoriety by sharing gay sassy commentary, snarky memes and commentary about cats, Takei has built an empire of nearly 4 million fans on his Facebook page.

    But after extensive investigation, we were able discover this exclusive footage of Takei posing with his Spring Break girlfriend. We can see Takei was showering her with all sorts of beads and rave feathers, all so she would strip off her top and do who knows what with him.

    From the broad, confident smile Takei is sporting, he obviously is not even phased by a pert college woman’s ample busoms jostling in front of him. To him, this is just another day in his high-rolling, 4 million fan emperor’s life.

    If Takei were actually gay, he would run away in horror and be disgusted with this co-ed rubbing herself all over him. She is a trendy, Earthy one, as told by her Rogue from X-men hair dye job and Florida-sun kissed natural tan with no tan lines. She must be a nudist to not have bikini straps on her, and we can see she is cozy with Takei. What is it George? Inviting her over all the time to ‘grill hotdogs’ on the deck?

    It is definitely disheartening to Takei’s gay fans and supporters to learn that their favorite Trek character is not reverse wormhole friendly. He is a man who loves a woman, and honestly, when you listen to that broad, confident voice of his that echoes with such a rich baritone timbre, how could you expect anything else.

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