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    Starbucks aficionados in Hong Kong are not the happiest to learn of the ‘toilet water’ option on their X3 double whipped mochas.

    Being served on the high-end, pricy city-state of Hong Kong, toilet water coffee could soon come to a Starbucks kettle near you.

    According to a recent article by local newspaper Apple Daily, a Starbucks at the heart and center of Hong Kong used toilet water to brew its coffee. While interviews of patrons who frequent this location are forthcoming, there is much to be asked if the coffee had a ‘richer’ taste.

    No amount of jokes can lighten the mood following a series of photographs, which very plainly seem to show an employee at the Bank of China Tower location using reclaimed water from a spout to get water for making coffee. The container was near a urinal in the men’s restroom.

    Hong Kong Starbucks Used "Toilet Water" To Make Coffee

    Where the special brew takes its origins.

    In response, there have by no denials that this particular branch used a spout in the bathroom to obtain water to create coffee, to serve to its customers. If you have ever been inside the bathroom of a Starbucks in a major city, you know they are disgusting. The lines are long, the floors are not sanitary and you do your best to detach yourself from the squalor as you let you body do the emergency excretory function that lead you there in the first place.

    Would you feel comfortable licking the floor or drinking out of the faucet or toilet spout in one of these restrooms? I would certainly hope not and doubly hope that Starbucks officials fully investigate and condemn the practice.

    On Facebook, an alleged post made by Starbucks addresses the situation:

    “Please kindly accept our apologies for the concerns raised by the coverage on the water source at the Bank of China Tower store,” Starbucks said.

    While the water used at that store was drinking water and certified as safe, we would like to clarify any misperceptions, as quality and safety have always been our top priority. We are now using distilled water to serve that store while we work with all parties on acceptable options.

    In a world where the most expensive coffee bean on Earth is passed through the intestinal tract of some South American mammal, the shipped off to be ‘brewed fresh’ for immediate human consumption, perhaps having the rich ingredients festering in a bathroom being melted and sloshed into your daily cup of overpriced drink is the next evolution of culture.

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