• Barack Obama Vows to Remove Cursive Handwriting As Requirement in School, So Future Generations Cannot Read Constitution

    June 28, 2013 11:29 pm 7 comments

    BARRY STILL DOESN´T GET IT :THATS WHAT I CAME AWAY WITH BY HIS SPEECH THIS MORNING---- WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Barack Obama has a secret, new agenda that is aimed directly at the freedom of your children.

    Hidden deep within the Affordable Care Act that not one Congressional leader has read from start to finish, Obama and his minions in the Senate hid legislation that allows schools to remove teaching the cursive handwriting to students. Without knowledge of how to read cursive, these students have no ability to read historical documents, sign legal documents or bank notes, or even become doctors or lawyers.

    Obama is making cursive handwriting a privilege to only be enjoyed by elites. Public schools are being forced to choose between two things: keyboard typing or cursive handwriting. By the year 2030, all public schools in America will only receive federal aide if they choose one form of ‘extra’ handwriting, outside of traditional print. Most schools will choose ‘keyboard typing’, as electronic communication will be a necessity of the future.

    Hawaii and Idaho have already been forced to drop ‘cursive hand teaching’ from their public schools, just so they could keep funding for ‘keyboard typing’ classes.

    But cursive handwriting will not go away either, and its reading, use and authorization powers will become only something a new ‘ruling class’ can enjoy. This is just like ancient Rome, where there was a ‘common/pleb’ tongue, and then the elite Latin language spoke by the upper crust of society.

    We saw a raw glimpse of a person brought up with an eduction without cursive.  In the Treyvon Martin case, a young woman named Rachel Jeantel was axed a question requiring her to read cursive script, to which she had to admit that she ‘did not know cursive.’

    We can see she really just goes blank and gets really confused.  This is how Obama wants all of America’s children to be in the future:  loud, feisty, big hoop earrings and never could read the Constitution if it was put right in front of her.

    If the majority of America’s growing poor-yet-middle class reaches this point, people like Barack Obama can change and edit the Constitution all they want, and no one in the majority will really know how to fight it.


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