• Chinese Superscientists Unleash Asian Tiger Mosquitoes in America

    June 26, 2013 10:56 am 0 comments

    Able to fly at speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour, about to pince and pierce through 6 ply solid aluminum foil, wings and landing so silent that NASA weigh machines cannot detect it, the Asian Tiger Mosquito is the ultimate predator, and this summer it awaits the sweet, innocent blood of you and your family.

    This beast can grow up to one inch long and drink a half-pint of blood in one setting.  It can carry every disease known to mankind and with one pinch of its sharp calipers, then professional injection of its vacuum needle through your flesh, it can liquefy your tissue, drink your blood and leave you with all sorts of sickness.

    The Asian Tiger Mosquito breeds quickly, at the rate of 100,000 live births per acre per day.  Endless fields of eggs laid by these mosquitoes have infested New Jersey and by summer’s end, the insects are expected to cover over 60% of the nation.

    Initial tests show that Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are actually immune to all known bug sprays, even maximum strength Raid.  They key in on Off brand products, cutting through their scent fields and feasting on their victims.  They will also eat family pets, including fish in fish tanks.  One New Jersey couple reports that they had to flee their living room and could only watch from their sliding glass door, in horror, as a mob of these aggressive mosquitoes dove bomb their open face fish tank and literally sucked the life of their goldfish.

    The Chinese Government has not responded to our questions about this mosquito at time of report.

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