• Florida Atheists Taunt Christians with Monument to The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    June 30, 2013 6:45 pm 2 comments

    Facebook update: 'We want you all to remember that this issue was won on the basis of this being a free speech issue, so don't be alarmed when the American Atheists want to erect their own sign or monument'

    Florida atheists perform requisite updating of their Facebook ritual as they take pictures of each other in front of the new Flying Spaghetti Monster Memorial of America, where they will make pilgrimages to every year to celebrate and worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Bench: The New Jersey-based group Group leaders say they believe it's the first such atheist monument on government property. About 200 people attended the event

    Supporters: Gael Murphy, an Atheist, poses for a photo on the bench during the unveiling of an Atheist monument outside the Bradford County Courthouse on Saturday, June 29

    In the above images, the ‘noodled appendages’ of the Flying Spaghetti Monster form a protective, futuristic space cocoon around the letter A, denoting the atheist belief that a non-god protects all their rights, life and freedom.  This monument would not be such a big deal at all for area Christians, if not for the fact that atheists built the monument on the very hallowed grounds where just months before, they forced Christians to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments, an actual historical event as proved by Charlton Heston.

    The Ten Commandments were forced away from The Supreme Court years ago, because people advocated for the separation of Church and State.  Now that atheists have declared a deity for themselves and furthermore, are performing feats and miracles of power every day, Christians have taken offense and confronted the founders of the monument, citing unfair law and practice.

    Confrontation: Rob Squires argues with Eric Hovind, with Creation Today, after Hovind stood and preached his beliefs on the monument during its unveiling outside the Bradford County Courthouse

    As the day progressed, our fellow Elder James Thomas of Florida captured a picture during a dusk summoning session, where the dusk sky was visibly inundated by some otherwordly, dark power.  This picture is going to be used as grounds for removing the memorial.


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