• HIV Cure ‘Within Months’, What Does This Mean for Christians?

    June 16, 2013 8:02 pm 1 comment
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  • HIV To Be Cured Within Months

    Scientists on brink of HIV cure

    As seen with former NBA superstar Magic Johnson, HIV can be controlled with strong cocktails of expensive pharmaceuticals. But even if Magic Johnston stopped his medicinal regimen, the reservoir of virii in his blood stream would explode and exponentially increase in viral load, eventually leading to full blown AIDS.

    This is the fate of HIV for the most wealthy and fortunate of patients. All can soon change, however, with an announcement by Danish scientists: “finding a mass-distributable and affordable cure to HIV is possible.”
    Scientists have conducted clinical trials where HIV is destroyed by unbinding it from ‘reservoirs’ it forms inside human DNA. Unbound, the virus is forced to the surface of the cell it has invaded. In this position, the body’s natural immune system can attack the virus. In trials, the immune system is boosted by a vaccine, further enabling its ability to destroy HIV.

    In vitro trials have shown the technique is successful and field trials are to soon begin. Dr Ole S√łgaard, a senior researcher at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark is part of the research team and states, “I am almost certain that we will be successful in releasing the reservoirs of HIV,” he reported.

    The remaining challenge is forcing an HIV victim’s immune system to recognize the virus, so it can be destroyed in its vulnerable position. The fate of the ‘cure’ rests within 15 patients, who will undergo the first human patient clinical trials. If any of them are effectively cured from HIV, the trials will be expanded into a larger population. Scientists estimate final results will be ready in several months.

    While the news is great, the implications of an cure for HIV and AIDS is definitely a burden for Christians. For years, we have been able to terrify our children into abstinence with horror stories about how their immune systems would be destroyed and they would die from a Bubonic death like scourge if they dared even kiss someone behind closed doors. Knowing there is a cure for HIV, many people will engage in unprotected sex and this can lead to increased: pregnancy, Obamacare taxes, deadbeat fathers who refuse to support their families, family shame, and increase in other diseases.

    At some point in time, Christians must consider if a cure for HIV should be outlawed. Is the world really ready to deal with the moral responsibility of not having HIV as a fearmongering tool to promote abstinence?

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