• If Richard Nixon Was Impeached For Spying on Two Buildings, Why Is Obama Not Impeached for Spying on Entire Nation?

    June 23, 2013 9:31 pm 3 comments
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    Frank Meyer

    Has America truly become a land of undeserving morons?  After 9/11, many in the nation flocked behind President Bush, not questioning the unpatriotic Patriot Acts trampling of the US Constitution and tradition, which guarantees a certain degree of presumption of innocence, liberty and freedom from being oppressed without undue harassment by government agents.

    But fast forward a decade and America is becoming a very fascist state.  We whine and complain about TSA agents fondling random citizens and commenting on our clothing.  We sit back and watch as our hard-earned money goes into programs that oversee unnecessary wars in foreign lands, rebuilding things we’ve torn apart and perhaps most grievous of all, that are built up in order to oppress our rights to exist in this country without fear of undue harassment.

    In the last several weeks, the problems with our government have come to a major head.  The NSA has apparently spied upon the emails and phone calls of innocent Americans.  In principle, those not doing any wrong should not have much to object about.  Conventional wisdom dictates that the government must monitor communication to catch those conspiring against this great nation in the act:  this is nothing new and quite frankly, it has gone on since the cold war.

    But as the communication age progresses, do we really want the government secretly using our laptop cameras, our Smartphones, or Faecbooks, our Gmail, or new age SmartTVs and other devices to watch us, without us knowing?  The answer should be a resounding no, but the Obama Administration purportedly believes the answer is instead ‘yes’.  And if the people do not like it?  Screw them, seems to be the answer we’re seeing.

    “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” Benjamin Franklin

    There was once a time when Americans basically gave the government a carte blanc for anything.  Look at old World War II US military film to get the feel of patriotism in America’s age of political innocence.  Everything the leaders in DC said was generally true and people were prone to do Victory Gardens, Buy War Bonds and be very patriotic, all the way to a Golly Geesh Boycott Superman level of devotion.

    But then in the 1960s, everything went haywire when a president named Richard Milhouse Nixon was caught spying on democrats a the Watergate Hotel.  It was really the first juicy, big scandal that played out in visual media and the public had disenfranchisement.  Politicos being what they are, even then, took advantage of the situation and we saw Nixon impached.  The nation was not too broken about it and after that point, started seeking ways to depower the office of the Presidency.

    But now, not even 50 years later, Americans are again lax and willing to turn a blind eye to want seems to be disrespect after disrespect to the public, by a sitting president.  No apologies have been offered, only more accusations and threats for the public.  Politicians are telling Americans that we need to be spied upon.  Those should be code words for trouble.  Think about it:  do you need someone spying on you, in your adult life?  Do you trust the government to be fully honest in what all they will do with every detail of your life?

    Sure, Barack Obama and the current government administration may be absolutely pure hearted.  They have the country’s best interest in mind and are doing absolutely what they claim:  using all information to catch terrorists.  Fine.  Let us concede that point.

    The problem is that by sacrificing our freedom and right to not be spied upon, we are setting precedent for future presidents.  When an administration inevitably goes against the grain of the nation and holds on to power with military might, let us imagine a scenario where Abraham Lincoln decides the North needs slavery and should join the Confederacy, how well will the people fair if he can make little Gestapo-like lists over time, surveying and monitoring for chatter to capture anyone who dares goes against his administrations thoughts.  He will capture and kill anyone standing against him.

    Giving the government the power to spy is essentially setting the stage for a future administration to exploit a major potential weakness in any government structure.  Right now, we’re on bended knees and giving the government that power, one that will eventually be exploited by some crook.

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