• In Bizarre Twist of Fate, Russians Protect American Snowden’s Freedom

    June 23, 2013 6:14 pm 0 comments
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    Jerry Cohen

    Senator Joseph McCarthy is beyond spinning and has kicked open his grave, because he has to see it for himself to believe it.  The former USSR has taken it upon itself to protect the rights and freedoms of a man being hailed as a hero by many, but a traitor by his government.  While public opinion is remarkably divided on the actions of Eric Snowden, who leaked information that the Obama Administration and the NSA are spying on every American’s emails and phone calls, the world waits to see if a country will grant the self-claimed whistle-blower asylum.

    Snowden went to hide-out in Hong Kong, from where he released several documents he obtained while working for Booz Allen, a contracted company with the US government.  Snowden obtained several documents which reveal the US is secretly spying on its citizens, all in the name of catching some terrorists.

    While the Patriot Act and America’s gung-ho attitude of giving President Bush a period of unquestioned authority in his pursuit of terrorists were sent in place over a decade ago, we are finally seeing the evolution of allowing the government to spy on people just a little bit.  Now that Bush received an inch, Obama is taking his natural mile with the same concept.

    Out of sight after leaving Hong Kong...
    NSA director: Caused irreversible damage to USA...
    U.S. extradition request did 'not fully comply with Hong Kong law'...
    'Carrying 4 laptops with cornucopia of intel documents'...
    Pelosi booed for saying NSA leaker broke law...

    Even more ironic than China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and now perhaps Ecuador, aka drug-war central, coming out the ‘heroes’ in all this, is the fact that Snowden is essentially having his chops busted for spying on a government that was spying.

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