• Marijuana Fungus in Capri Sun Respawns Man’s Lungs?

    June 16, 2013 8:05 pm 0 comments

    The next dangerous evolution of marijuana is upon us. Kush doctors, also referred to as ‘ents’ (ear, nose and throat), have confirmed their latest experiments to grow marijuana in the human lungs as a success.

    By scraping the trichome fungus of marijuana into aluminum wrapped pouches of Capri Sun, Ents developed a ‘cultivating station’ where marijuana fungus could thrive, hidden to all authorities. Once the curing process (the scrog) is complete, the ents state that their subject ‘chortled’ the packet of Capri Sun, forcing some of the marijuana fungus laden drink into his patent airways.

    A trichome fungus of marijuana is scraped from a plant (1). (2) a marijuana seedling (a fungal spore) is imbibed in the mouth. (3) the lung tissue serves as ‘soil’ for the seedling, letting it fully mature into a marijuana plant.

    Only 3 days later, the subject was rushed to his local hospital’s emergency room. A chest x-ray revealed the unthinkable: marijuana doctors have successfully found a way to make marijuana plants grow directly in a person’s lungs. Now to smoke their drugs, all marijuana users have to do is sit in a sauna or outside on a hot day, letting the warm air cause wafts of the drug to internally circulate in the body.

    Chest x-ray reveals marijuana growing in a patient's lungs. The chest x-ray reveals that within a day, these Capri sun grown drugs can grow 4 inches. There is no way the beverage giant condones this usage and it is a horrific shame that at colleges nationwide, the end of finals week will likely be celebrated by Cannabis Capri shindigs.

    Four every 1 marijuana smoker, at least five college women get abducted, fondled and pregnant. Men who smoke the drug have violent streaks and unstopped libido. Now with a way to stay ‘eternally high’, men in college towns are nothing but dangers to your daughters.

    Only three puffs of marijuana has long been known to be the equivalent to 30 drops of ecstasy for women, however, so your college-aged daughter is probably not going to complain when she is subdued by a drug crazed toker.

    Fortunately, the drug toker in this case was forced to have his lungs removed. This all took place in Florida where smoking the drug is still illegal. After having his lung removed, the man was arrested and booked for possession of a narcotic substance. Catching was only a fluke, however, because the man had a history of COPD and the infiltrate to his lungs was imply too much.

    But for healthy, young people, this new way of hiding drugs from everyone may be the way of the future. If you have a son or daughter, make sure to interrogate them. This new form of marijuana is prevalent at college campuses, on both seaboards.

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