• Mario Kart 8 Lets You Defy Gravity, Nintendo E3

    June 16, 2013 10:07 pm 1 comment

    My reaction to walking back to watch E3 and watching Mario accelerate with the Stark ship Enterprise’s signature warp trail behind him: “Oh my gosh, they have hover karts!”

    And that is the awesome truth. In Super Mario Kart 8, which I still say should be called Super Mario Kart infinity, you get the options of new bikes and my soon to be favorite, Hover Karts to ride around within. The concept is brilliant, fun and will provide for awesome gameplay. Given that the Wii U seems more online friendly than the Wii, we can only hope this also means good international battles. Mario Kart never did run too poorly on the Wii, compared to say Smash Brothers Brawl, but when a Karting maestro from Japan starts serenading you with an impossible barrage of blue death shells, you know you have much to protest in terms of oversight and management.

    Whatever the case, Nintendo’s big announcement of Mario Kart 8 at E3 did not disappoint!



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