• Mermaid Hoax, Disproves Evolution or Elaborate Cover-up?

    June 16, 2013 9:50 pm 0 comments

    A mermaid hoax talking point has been created by media opportunists, trying to debunk and disenfranchise viewers from Animal Planet’s hit series, Mermaids: The Body Found.

    Since the launch of the series last year, numerous stories –worldwide — have surfaced that seem to prove the validity of an aquatic species of humanoid life forms occupying the planet. In contast, numerous experts have come forward, seemingly determined to disavow any story suggesting that mermaids exist and can be real.

    Most recently, there has been a substantial effort of resources devoted into disproving mermaids, which begs the question of “why?’ Why would such effort be put into disproving something so trivial, unless there was a truth beneath the surface of the story. Here are the most compelling pieces of evidence showing that there could very well be a mermaid species that occupies the Earth. And if there is such a species, America must be ready to respond to them with a well-funded anti-mermaid military force.

    The Mermaid Sirens of the Mississippi: Artist rendition of the two-mermaids accused of luring an Iraqi War vet to the banks of the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Louisi, where he nearly drowned before fighting them off with his ankle knife.

    Shak Poseidon: The Mermaid Mummy

    Shak Poseidon is the greatest evidence of mermaid life existing on the planet Earth. Within the point-forward evolution of humans, it is very plausible that there existed a subspecies of humans who became isolated during a drastic geological event. For this isolated group of humans, it could have become advantageous to have capabilities that allowed aquatic dwelling, as opposed to land dwelling, to take place.

    In this setting, these humanoid forms would not have developed traditional air-breathing lungs or a bauplan built around such a system to ensure oxygen-carbon exchange to power the body, but instead, would have evolved much more like a fish, with a water-filtering system to obtain oxygen for its pointedly hemoglobin based blood system.

    This type of event is known as speciation, as reported by Gould and others. And this type of speciation event yields the first piece of evidence for the existence of mermaid life: Shak Poseidon.

    The nearly perfectly preserved form is thought to be one of the earliest evolutions of mermaid. Here, you can see the clear fish-like design, letting it take advantage of is watery surroundings. But we can see it also has human-like arms, torso and face. It even has a shock of hair, likely bleached by hundreds of years worth of being washed by the cold currents of the thrashing ocean.

    After the first airing of Mermaids: The Body Found, bizarre oceanic phenomena began taking place all over Earth, resulting in increased melting of polar ice caps, catastrophic hurricanes and even brutal winter storms. This type of weather shift occurs at the ocean level. Could the shift in weather actually be due to now advanced mermaids, using weather warfare against humanity?

    The question may seem bogus, but there are many becoming convinced that a threat issued by some unknown power forced Animal Planet to redact the veracity of its original mermaid show, creating a new show called Mermaids: The New Evidence. The scientists interviewed in the new show and all the producers are being forced to say, “it is just science-fiction”, a far cry from their initial claims.

    Reviewing their body language, you can tell they are being coerced to deny the existence of mermaids, and again, we are left with the question: why?

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