• Miley Cyrus New Twerk Video Proves Exactly Why Kids These Days are Horrible

    June 20, 2013 11:18 am 1 comment

    Miley Cyrus’ new “We Can’t Stop” video shows why the student cohort of this generation has waning values, judgment and respect for themselves, others.

    I was in Wal-Mart the other day, shopping for groceries and picking up a few items for a BBQ this weekend. A young woman walked up to her mother and asked, “Can I have this?”. It was one of those new, oversized Coca-Cola near two-liter bottles that they sell for $1. The mother said something like, “No, it will ruin your dinner.”

    No sooner did the mother say that, did the girl rip open the door to the refrigeration unit, angrily throw the soda in there and yell to her mom, “You are a total bi**h!” The Mom let the words bounce of her like nothing happened, and I could only watch in horror and cringing fear as the girl walked away in tight, yoga-pants styled leggings that said “Juicy” right on the seat of her little attitude-ridden rear-end.

    I noticed the word placement instantly, because that is exactly where I would have received a hand smack powered by generations of women who would beat the tar out of any child of theirs who spoke to them in such a way. My mother’s hand would have been the physical manifestation of all that power. But this day and age, this is the age of the Twerk children. They have the power of global communication with anyone on Earth, access to any media whenever they want it and parents are just not very savvy to how much world and outside exposure their children really receive.

    Enter Miley Cyrus: Little Hannah Montana. Her father was the once lovable Billy Ray Cyrus, whose only offense to humanity was creating a viral country song that still plagues radio stations and minor league baseball venues in the Midwest to this very day. Miley Cyrus is trying to be Sinead O’Connor, Madonna, a Russian-short haired spy and naughty girl all in one money-making package. The result is her exploiting the new “Twerk” dance trend with video “We Can’t Stop”:

    Twerking involves a young woman turning herself at all sorts of odd angles, then jiggling her backside around for the world to see. Said Twerker must wear tight-fitting Yoga pants. At some point in time, young men in baggy jeans walk around like packs of hungry hyenas, scheming on how they will talk said naïve girl into doing the inevitable. The problem with this juvenile behavior: it is becoming as big a trend as crocs or chewing ABC gum among the youthful cohort.

    A massive Twerk-bust was carried out at Scripps Ranch High School, where fortunately school officials stepped in and basically manufactured a reason for busting 33 Twerkers. They did  get in trouble for Twerking, but also using the school’s campus to make an unauthorized video. You can see the Twerkers in action here.

    All in all, the trend is ridiculous and quite literally may be the harbinger of a worse culture to come.

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