• Obama Tortures A Cancer Child To Draw Attention Away From Gun Control Laws

    June 16, 2013 7:59 pm 0 comments
    Obama looks like he wants to eat that poor White boy.

    Obama looks like he wants to eat that poor White boy.

    In an act that most people called “Caring” or “Respectful”, Barrack Obama committed treason, hate crimes, and pedophilia in one “Photo-Op”. After all of the torture that the American people have received from the Sub-Saharan Dictator, don’t we deserve a little respect from him too? We sat silent during Benghazi, we didn’t ask to see Osama’s body, we knew that he couldn’t have possibly hired two Russian kids to blow up the Boston Marathon, but now all those things are unraveling and proving that Obama is faking “Terror Attacks” in order to make us allow him to be “President for life”.

    The pharmaceutical companies have been creating medicine for our older Democrats who want to have sex outside of marriage. Our Republican members of the Senate and House have tried to force these companies to work on cures for AIDS, Cancer, Herpes and Gay Bowel Disease, but the Democrats need more pills to get erection. I’m sick of it, and so are you. We need to get leaders like Robert Dole again. Men like him will lead our Science community in the right direction.

    Obama has recently recruited a young child with brain cancer to be his poster boy. We all know that Obama has been trying to distract us from his gun control laws (look at CISPA). Here he is parading a Cancer victim: Disgusting. How can we trust the future of our world or our great Christian Country to a Muslim who loves the torture of children?

    This is how Obama wants to destroy us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_z7eqJ5514. Watch at your own risk. That Sub-Saharan has convinced a 7 year old from Nebraska (our most pure State), how to become half-black and muslim. Obama needs to be impeached before he corrupts more of our White football players. Jesse Jackson already destroyed the NBA, we need to save the NFL from Obama.

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