• Paula Deen Diagnosed With Type 2 Racism, Fired From Food Network

    June 21, 2013 10:07 pm 6 comments

    It just keeps getting worse for Paula Deen, who's just been fired from the Food Network.</p><br />
<p>Details: http://exm.nr/11SSGET</p><br />
<p>Do you agree with the firing?Allegations that Paula Deen regularly called her black staff “nig##rs” and wanted to have a plantation styled wedding, all where the black people would dress in their best Uncle Tom clothing and say ‘Yessah Messah” as they served food are apparently true.

    This hurts the insides worse than chasing a smidgen’ of lard creamed chocolate cake with Mexican whiskey during Spring Break, to learn that Paula Deen’s insatiable appetite goes beyond just food.  It was hard enough to watch Deen reconcile her fat heavy, sugar heavy recipes with the fact that she is a type 2 diabetic.

    Watching Paul Deen cook became  like watching a AA member serve as bartender at a Charlie Sheen houseparty.  You know she was very tempted to fry bacon grease right off a pig’s back and slather it all over a nice crust for a double sugared apple pie.  But now, this is just too much.  Could it be true that Paula Deen is a racist?

    The fact that she admitted to the wedding and that she called black people the N word is not helping her case.  Whatever the case may be, however, the Food Network is done with Paula Deen.  She was fired an hour after confessing and apologizing for things she ‘did in her past’.

    Can Paula Deen ever be forgiven?

    She has already started the obligatory apology circuit, which will likely have her going on various shows to tell her side of the story and how she really loves all people.  But unlike Michael Richards (Kramer) who had an equally bad meltdown, Paula Deen is the boss of her own brand.  There is no Jerry Seinfeld to soften the blow for her and granted that she probably has plenty of fans below the Mason-Dixie and perhaps above too who do not see the big problem, there may be a few more folk who just don’t take kindly to her antics.

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