• Pokemon X and Y Game Titles To Trick Teens To Spawn

    June 20, 2013 4:08 pm 3 comments

    Dear comrades,

    The recent release of the new pokemon games has raised many questions to concerned parents all across
    the globe. New pokemon games mean new dangers to your children and teens. With each pokemon game Nintendo Studios releases new subtle messages within the circuits of the game are enticing your children and teens to do and act upon horrible things that would astonish you. In the last few games there were subtle messages of homodandy backstage kissing in caves, drug usage, and even devil type pokemon such as the pokemon Giritinia. We can not allow the new pokemon X and Y games to follow these same paths.


    This time Pokemon X and Y have used the subtle messages in the title itself. We all took basic science classes as children and we had to go through basic body education. We all know that the Male genes have the Y chromosome and Women genes have the X chromosome. The creators of Pokémon X and Y have used this information of the basic sciences to compel our kids and teens to spawn so that they can teach their offspring to battle pocket monster from the generation of Pokemon X and Y.

    x and y chromosome

    Using their precise calculations the creators of the Pokemon series and the CEO of Nintendo Studios of America wanted to entice our teens to spawn and teach their children the ways of the Pokemon character in the pokemon games known as “pokemon trainer”. I came across these findings in the newly released Pokémon X and Y games. They are using the basic sciences of Man and Woman to woo our teens to commit premarital relations with one another. That is the most unholy of the sacraments!

    This kind of behavior and subtle messages is just unacceptable. No company should be allowed to use this kind of warfare against our innocent children and teens. I find this kind of behavior unprofessional. Nintendo Studios and the Pokemon Company have not only used these body education basics in their title but also in the new pokemon legendries featured in the new pokemon X an Y games.


    The new pokemon games have also touched on the hint of the homodandy influence. The Pokemon creators have issued a new type into the new games. This new type is a fairie type. fairies are said to be of course mythical creatures told in greek stories and so on. The new fairie type pokemon have a story in the new Pokemon X and Y games that says they have stopped a war long ago in the world of the pocket creatures. Now I know that is a bunch of nonsense. Something so mythical and delicate cannot have any kind of powers to stop wars. They interfere with wars and get in the way of them.

    To bring this to a close the new pokemon games just as the previous pokemon games before them are a danger to your teen and even your family as a whole. Take action to not purchase these tools of Chinese warfare. God Bless.

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