• Tim Tebow Betrayed By New York Jets, Cut From Team

    June 16, 2013 7:51 pm 0 comments

    New York Jets Fans Mourn Loss of Tebow

    New York, NY (CWGlobal)- In perhaps one of the most shocking moves in sport’s history, the New York Jets have cut the greatest quaterback of all time, Tim Tebow.

    Tebow is not the greatest quarterback because he is the strongest or fastest; it is not even because he calls all the right plays, is nimble or is not prone to throwing interceptions. Tim Tebow has a factor off the field: he is a chaste man.

    Tebow is needed in the NFL, because he is an example for all the young players who throw their lives away. He is bringing a new standard to the NFL, one where players are grateful and learn to respect the prestige they take on in their role. It is unfortunate that the New York Jets are so greedy that they were not willing to give up a few touchdown opportunities and turnovers for the greater good.

    The NFL needs Tim Tebow to lead the young players of the league by example. But now, he is a homeless man, wandering about like a emotionally shattered Lou Ferrigno. Sure, Tebow is a hulk of specimen but he’s still a man and he does have emotions.

    How much would it hurt to know America’s biggest city sold you out for something as trivial as a few playoff games?

    It’s not like the Jets have another Super Bowl run in them anytime soon. And for the Jets fans who are so greedy and worried about their fantasy football lists, who just have to be filled with all Jets players, shame on you. Shame on you for wanting Tebow out, just so you can have maybe a few more points for you in the rare case that Tebow plays and turns the ball over. Would it hurt you so much to endure this great man, so he could make a shining example of morality for all the young Griffin IIIs out there?

    By the time the season was over, everyone, including Tebow, seemed miserable that he ended up a Jet. Now, Tebow is now a free agent. It will be fascinating to see if he gets picked up.



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