• Tsunami Waves Spotted in New Jersey, Supreme Court Overturning Defense of Marriage Act to Blame

    June 26, 2013 11:07 am 1 comment

    Yesterday, I ran the image above on my weather report on KTTV, warning over suspicious rumblings in the ocean.  We all knew that the belly of our Lord rumbled, because in less than 24-hours the Supreme Court would have to rule if they would keep marriage holy, or turn it over to be spoiled and sullied by the liberal masses.

    And today they ruled:  gays can be married.

    No sooner than the announcement was made, this is what we saw!

    Terrified New Jersey residents flee God’s surprise wrath after Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to strike down Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), allowing gays to have thrust parties upon Prop 8 legislation and again get married in California!

    The Meteotsunami flooded several area bistros and fine eateries, where you know posh gay couples were enjoying a nice brunch or updating their Grindr, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.com/r/lgbt or HuffPost profiles with victory announcements!

    Women and children of New Jersey ran and screamed, as God struck the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, that is the Jersey Shore, with a mighty tsunami!  Well, it is actually called a meteotsunami and that means something twice as bad scary!

    A meteostunami strikes just like a meteor!  Winds explode and buildings ash away in the wake of destruction!  No one can see it coming, but those who have an eye attuned to the sky, and mark my words, my eyes are very attuned to He who is in the sky!

    This is just a warning shot, America.  We must now march by the millions to Washington, DC, singing “We Shall Overcome!” until these justices turn this law back into place.  Can we really trust a Supreme Court who is trying to do away with the Civil Rights Voting Act?

    This is just a surprise tsunami, funneled right into the backside of America.  This is just a small, fearful cleansing that will hopefully catch everyone’s attention.  Please, let us stop everything right here and not make us suffer any more wrath.  Let’s just put things back how they were, Supreme Court, or else who knows what might happen:  a fastball meteor pitch?  An unprecedented ice age?  A plague of locusts or mosquitoes?

    Is America really in a position to take such risks, especially with the weak economy and volatile political world internationally?  The answer is no, so a beseech thee, justices, be just and let us protect all Americans.

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