• 12-Year-Old Egyptian: “We Didn’t Get Rid of Military Regime To Replace It With Fascist Theocracy”

    July 8, 2013 5:28 pm 0 comments

    Before even getting into this article, it is tough being an American because most adults in this country do not really have a firm grip on the word ‘fascist’.  They would not know what that word meant if it were sitting in the White House and looking at them, but I digress.

    This video from a 12-year-old boy in Egypt is very heartwarming.  It shows that the same hunger for freedom that churned deep within our forefathers is not lost today.  The people of Egypt want freedom from tyranny and oppression, to the point that they are having yet another revolution.

    Sure, not all Egyptians are perfect.  Some media outlets will plague you with countless stories of senseless violence taking place there.  But that is within every society, in every culture and in every country.  The take home message is that Egypt largely wants freedom and even children in that country are taking the notion to heart.

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