• 19 Firefighters Killed in Tragic Arizona Wildfire

    July 1, 2013 7:37 am 4 comments

    Nineteen firefighters battling a blaze in Arizona are unaccounted for, officials say. (The Arizona Republic/Tom Story/AP)

    Great tragedy in Arizona as 19 firefighters killed while heroically saving a town of 700.  The wildfires started after the dry American Southwest experienced a week of unprecedented high temperatures.    The elite crew of firefighters were specially trained to take on the most fierce wildfires and lost their lives as they tried to shield themselves from flames, under fire-resistant shields.

    The fire started when lightning struck down, igniting a blaze that quickly spread over 2,000 acres in the triple digit temperatures.  Over 200 homes have been destroyed, hundreds have been forced to flee in panic and the town of Yarnell may be a complete loss.

    Local reports indicate residents have been holed up in distant eateries and bars, watching live news coverage of their homes, schools and community burn before their very eyes.   The city’s fire department was based in the nearby town of Prescott and understandably, the community is devastated by the tragic loss.

    Homes burn as the Yarnell Hill Fire burns in Glenn …

    Homes burn all throughout Yarnell.

    Dean Smith watches as the Yarnell Hill Fire encroaches …

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