• A theological study of Pokeballs and the demonic nature of mirrors

    July 14, 2013 1:59 am 5 comments
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    • The above image shows what a Pokeball looks likes. It appears to be a harmless, colorful ball toy that children could use for throwing around and catching to improve their motor skills to help them carry out God’s will on Earth. But looks can be deceiving. I have watched a number of Pokemon episodes and played the games too, and my keen sense of right and wrong has penetrated the deception that is cleverly embedded in the Pokemon series to make our children turn to animal cruelty and other acts of malice in the real world.
    • I have been watching Pokemon and have noticed how an insufferably wild, hostile Pokemon becomes a timid creature completely under the control of its malevolent capturer. This is disturbing because the mind control only happens after the Pokemon is trapped inside a Pokeball for a brief period of time. I have been contemplating this distressing phenomenon and have come to the conclusion that mirrors are evil, and possibly demonic.
    • The inside of a Pokeball is lined with a reflective layer with mirror-like qualities. The Pokemon is trapped and cornered inside the Pokeball with no hope of escape until its capturer lets it out. The situation of being trapped makes Pokemon lash out in aggression. Cats lash out in aggression too when trapped, suggesting that cats are Pokemon who have wondered into this world through unnatural means. Here comes the mind control part…the mirrors.
    • Trapped Pokemon are surrounded by a reflective surface in the Pokeball and because Pokeball lack self-awareness, they think they are looking at another Pokemon when looking at their own reflections. The aggressive, trapped Pokemon then attacks its own reflection to work out its pent up frustration. Repeatedly attacking its own reflection with its own body time after time has made the Pokemon less intelligent because of head butting itself. The dimwitted Pokemon now is unable to think for itself and depends wholly on its evil capturer to give it commands during battle. The poor Pokemon has also lost its intellect and ability to question orders.

      This is why I am diabolically opposed to Pokeballs or any technology that appears to warp the dimensions of space. Warping space is a way to shrink demons and allow them to slip through the tiny holes that separate their world from ours. Another possibility is the possession of Pokemon by demons in the Pokeball due to the dimension-compressing technology laced in the Pokeball. After all, the way a captured Pokemon changes in personality in an instant is not through natural, Godly means at all.

      Down below is not how a Pokeball appears to be but a picture of a Pokeball as it is in its true nature.

      You wouldn’t place your cat inside a meat grinder, so why on Earth would you trapped a Pokemon inside a Pokeball?

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