• Angry Americans Protest Eric Snowden, Scumbag Obama Via Reddit, Cafe iPhones

    July 3, 2013 12:44 am 1 comment
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    Mike Watson

    America has joined with the likes of Brazil and Egypt to express anger over eHero Eric Snowden, who leaked documents revealing that Obama and the NSA have spied on American’s phone calls. While many in the government are throwing around the words traitor and Judas when referring to Snowden, the world at large and many everyday Americans are hailing him a hero.

    Today the story of Eric Snowden affected Bolivia, as a plane carrying the country’s president was forbidden to land in France or Italy. Obama allegedly called the two countries or forbade them from letting the plane land to get refueled, as he thought Eric Snowden might be aboard. Afraid of falling under economic sanction or shunning from Washington, the two nations bowed before Obama and refused to let Bolivia’s version of Air Force One land. This forced the Bolivian president to have to return his flight back toward Austria.

    The news added more fuel to the fire, causing Americans to Tweet and update their Facebook with unprecedented finger speed and frowny emoticon anger. Reddit posts on the subject have been so fiery they have almost over 3,000 upvotes and a thousand comments, an ultimate sign that America and the world has had enough and is fed up.

    Meanwhile in Egypt, millions of people are rioting on the streets and burning effigies because the new government may have changed the hue of their national flag.

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