• Can We All Just Forgive George Zimmerman And Move On?

    July 16, 2013 11:19 am 5 comments
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  • Can’t we all just get along?  It has already been three days since George Zimmerman was cleared of all charges and he is now innocent in the eyes of America and the fair eyes of justice.  As a society, it is time we move on and just let bygones be bygones.

    As I sit in my rocker and watch the news today, my heart is grieved.  That Al Sharpton is just so angry and worked up, threatening to march in 100 cities and get people all fired up over this trial.  We made the US justice system so we can peacefully resolve our differences after squabbles and everyone can go home happy, knowing that justice has been served?

    Are any of you out there without sin?  If so, then let you cast the first stone at me for being the advocate of peace here.  Otherwise, unharden your heart and let peace fill it, for George Zimmerman is an innocent man and does not deserve all this anger for society.  Where does that get us?

    Please calm down and stop all the rioting and protesting. Let us just forgive the trial and George Zimmerman, and let bygones be bygones. It is over and we all need to come together and heal, then move on happy together.

    Oh, doesn’t it pain your heart and trouble your soul to know that Zimmerman’s parents are in hiding from ‘Enormous Amount of Death Threats’…

    Is this really the America you think our forefathers envisioned, where justice is served and the parents of the victim — now George Zimmerman — are forced to hide and cannot be Americans?

    The crimes just get more senseless:  White jogger beaten…, the horror.  And look: Baltimore Witness: Group of Blacks Beat Hispanic Man, Yelling ‘This Is For Trayvon’….  That is just simply terrible.  Then in Los Angeles, people are rioting there and robbing Wal-Mart.  Why does Wal-Mart have to suffer?  Protesters storm WALMART…

    This is the exact thing America does not need right now.  We are clearly an equal nation and the jury was right to find George Zimmerman innocent.  These riots and protests are out of simple anger, borne of radical left-wing media expectations of a guilty verdict.

    Now that the verdict has not been reached, everyone who has been groomed by the liberal media to expect a ‘guilty’ verdict is up in heat.  But if you actually took the time to understand how Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws work, you would have known better but to expect this verdict of innocent.

    If you do not believe me, then read one of my favorite columnists Ta-Nehisi Coates’ excellent piece On The Killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman at the Atlantic Wire.  There was no choice but to find George Zimmerman innocent, so anger should not be taken out on the man.  Remember, his character or life was not on trial.  That is not how Florida courts work.  His actions under their law was on trial, and by that measure, George Zimmerman was innocent of manslaughter.

    So as I sit here in the heats of Georgia in my rocking chair, drinking this cool lemonade and listening to the trial aftermath over the buzz of my living room fan, I have a sense of peace in me.  I want you to feel this peace too.

    So to that end, I ask you:  Can we all just get along?

    Let us move on together in unity, and let us all just agree to disagree and just let us have bygones be bygones.  By next week, we will all be together laughing over Kanye West Kardashian’s baby pictures or waiting for the new NFL season to come upon us.  And then, unified, we will once again be American brothers and sisters living in peace.

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