• Christian Movie Review: ‘This Is The End’, a Great Christian Movie.

    July 5, 2013 10:48 pm 2 comments

    Last weekend my grandson Jimmy James asked if I wanted to go to the movies with him. Typically his choices in movies are not the same as mine. But I decided I would go since he was going with a few other members of the Churches Youth Group. The movie they were going to watch was called ‘This Is The End’.

    The movie is about these young Hollywood types that I don’t know anything about. These horrible movie star kids are having some big movie star sex party that involves drinking, smoking, drugs and sex. Not normal sex but disgusting sex. In one scene some little pervert in the bathroom has two women that he is having abnormal sexual relations with. One woman is performing a mouth sex act on his front and another girl is performing a mouth sex act on his behind. Like any good Christian I found this disgusting. If you know me then you know that Sodomy is NEVER the answer. The rest of the movie was filled with youthful types that I had never seen before.

    Unknown woman defends herself from the rapists that are not raptured to heaven.

    In the first 15 minutes I was bored out of my mind and was considering taking a nap, when all of a sudden the Rapture occurred. Bright rays of light descended from the heavens and took up good saintly people to heaven. As would be expected, all of the unknown perverts at this party were left behind.

    The rest of the movie is set in the post rapture apocalypse, where these unraptured perverts must learn to survive on the devils earth. It was at this point that I realized that there are several very good Christian movies out there about the rapture. But they are all from a Christian perspective. Few if any movies have been written about the rapture from the point of view of the unraptured pervert sodomite. I realized what a genius movie this was. How else better to bring horrible Godless people to the lord, than to show what those exact people will have to deal with if they do not get born again in the blood of Christ.

    Throughout the movie we see what horrible people they are, and we come to see and understand why they are not called to heaven. In one scene in the movie, one disgusting sodomite sinner named Jonah (remember Jonah in the bible.) prays to God, not for forgiveness of his sins, but for God to kill one of the other sinners. Any real Christian should know that is not why one prays to God. To smite the sodomite, God sends a demon that sodomizes him in the night. Pay attention to this oh ye sinners! For you all will be sodomized by demons in hell if you do not repent! Soon enough the man becomes pregnant with the seed of the devil and becomes possessed and tried to kill his former friends.

    Finally, the stars of the movie learn how to be better people,  and realize that the world does not revolve around them. As they become good people and make sacrifices for their sins and for one another they are called to heaven.

    What a great story of redemption! Anyone can become a Christian. Anyone can be forgiven for whatever they have done.

    I do have to recommend caution for my Christian friends that would consider seeing this movie. There is lots of full frontal demon nudity, simulated demon sodomy, simulated human mouth and anal-mouth sodomy, and drug use/abuse. Many of my Christian friends would wonder why even go watch a movie with such filth. But filth like this is what young sinning audiences are used to, and only something this shocking would even come close to resembling real hell, and shock them into repenting and being born again.

    Unraptured sinners fall to the awaiting abyss that is Hell.

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