• Cop Shoots Unarmed Female Sunday School Teacher To Death in Her Car

    July 8, 2013 5:57 pm 0 comments

    Police violence is under review in Culpepper, Virginia, after a resident gives a personal account of a shooting that took place, one where police maintained that excessive force was needed to subdue and kill a 54-year-old Sunday School teacher.

    The woman in question was sitting the parking lot of a Catholic Church when an officer approached her car.  Apparently scared, she rolled up her window.  This is where police say she purposefully dragged an officer and forced him to shoot her to death.  An eye-witness gives a different account.

    The eyewitness purports an officer suddenly came up to the woman’s car with his gun drawn.  He immediately told her to not touch anything or he would shoot her.  The woman, likely in a panic in having a gun in her face, tried to roll up her window.  The officer shot through the window, according to the witness, and the woman took off.  The officer then ran out to the street, firing five shots at the car and killing the woman.

    Police reports wildly differ from what is being reported by the eyewitness.  Local media is now coordinating an investigative report into the entire matter.

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