• Following Outrageous George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony Verdict, Should Amnesty International Help Florida Children Flee The State?

    July 14, 2013 6:03 pm 0 comments
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    Florida – Today more shocking headlines roll in where Floridians seem to not care when adults shoot or drown children to death, even if just for playing their music too loud.   It is said that elderly people in retirement cover the land of Florida, so perhaps they are grooming the court systems and jurors in the area to scare families away, or maybe all the tropical heat down there has destroyed all logic.

    We must consider, this state flip-flops in between nominating Jeb Bush for governor and voting for Obama.  Florida perhaps is bipolar in its existence, a weird place where it is not uncommon to see 3 toothed men in the everglades goosing gators in their nethers for $10,000 paydays from the History Channel, to producing some of the nation’s finest scholars at Florida State University.  But at the rate Florida is going, soon enough children may be the next creature to join the endangered species list.

    We have put in a petition to the White House website asking the Obama administration to allow children in Florida to request asylum and flee the state, until better examples of logic and justice are in place.  Otherwise, we can expect children in Florida to continue to be hunted down by adults without morals.

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