• George Takei Refuses To Power Bottom For Anyone, Omits “Under God” From Pledge

    July 5, 2013 3:18 pm 0 comments

    Media Research CenterThe always feisty, bold and brash George Takei is refusing to power bottom for anyone, taking so far today that he has omitted “Under God” from the pledge of allegiance.

    Citing that he prefers to be on top, George Takei bellowed the Pledge of Allegiance in rich, confident timbre on MBNBC’s The Ed Show this Saturday.  When he got to the part where he is supposed to say, “Under God”, he refused, instead skipping over it and then smugly saying, “Oh, My” as a shocked studio gasped.

    Takei went on to explain that he cannot pledge to be anyone’s power bottom, because he is 1) in a relationship is 2) is a dominant-seventh top.

    Takei went on to discuss the Supreme Court ruling that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.   The actor reveals he is optimistic that homosexual marriage rights will soon extend over the remaining two-thirds of America, so that the nation can truly be “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’.

    When pressed harder on the issue and his omission of a part of the pledge, Takei went on to talk about New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie.  With a smug and knowing twinkle in his eyes, Takei came down hard on Christie and stated that Christie “has yet to get that education that there is a separation between church and state”.  Takei only stopped short of slapping his bottom, driving home the point that there will always be a separation of church and state in his pants.

    Intern Researched Fact:  A dominant-seventh version of gays prefer to straddle their lovers like a guitar and configure their fingers in such a way that that it looks like they are going to plug a dominant 7th chord for the audience. 

    Here’s a transcript with more of the interview:

    GEORGE TAKEI: We flew to Raleigh, North Carolina, last Wednesday to work as a narrator with the North Carolina Symphony, but we heard the news in Los Angeles and we got the details once we landed in Raleigh, which has a man and a woman constitutional amendment, but we got all the details, and we were elated. It is a new day for America. However-
    ED SCHULTZ: A new day — go ahead.
    TAKEI: Well, when I pledge allegiance to the United States, I say, “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” One-third of the nation now has equality. Now, we have to work on the other two-thirds, so we’re keeping our sleeves rolled up.
    ED SCHULTZ: He says he’ll veto a gay marriage bill if it passes through the state legislature in New Jersey just as he did in 2012. What’s your response to Republicans who continue to fight against discrimination and equality? I mean, they seem to turn a blind eye and act as if this is just totally and morally wrong, and they play the moral card a lot. What’s your response to that and Governor Christie?
    GEORGE TAKEI: Moral card and religion. They always come to religion. Well, they have to understand that there is a strict demarcation between the separation of church and state. We are Buddhists, and we understand we can’t write our faith values into civil law which applies to everybody. What they don’t understand is that, if they want respect for their faith, they have to respect the many, many different faiths in this country.
    And so we’ve got to get them to understand the demarcation point between the separation of church and state. And I’m surprised that Governor Christie has yet to get that education.


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