• George Zimmerman Family Prayed Harder Than Martin Family, That is Why They Won Trial

    July 18, 2013 8:21 am 1 comment

    In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial, many people of certain communities have become upset due to the verdict.   These people are surely emotionally charged and hurt, going as far to demand Barack Obama himself order Eric Holder and the Department of Justice to bring civil charges against George Zimmerman.

    But what everyone needs to realize is one thing:  none of the charges will stick, because George Zimmerman’s family has clearly won the ‘prayer’ battle that goes into an event like this.

    You have heard the concept before.  Before a large sporting event or a major obstacle requiring nothing short of a miracle, many people will huddle and assemble for a group prayer.  Americans did it right before the 1980′s Miracle on Ice, where US hockey managed to crush the non-praying Soviets in such a fashion that communism fell.  In World War II, Americans and our allies once again prayed that we would be able to defeat a cruel, non-holy regime and we see who won favor.  Somehow the Miami Heat outprayed everyone last year, even with LeBron’s abysmal playing and leadership ability.

    And such is the case with the George Zimmerman trial.  Research shows that the family’s matriarch is a devout Catholic.  In the hierarchy of prayers, Catholics actually rank quite high when they fully unleash their power.  In addition to saying constant personal prayers, a Catholic mother will oft enlist the help of the parish’s Priest, invoke intercession from various Saints and rally her family to do the same.  We can only imagine all the prayers that went up on behalf George Zimmerman.

    While all that good Zimmerman praying was going on, was the Martin following doing the same?  I know there were vigils for the young man and those are wonderful, but who was really organizing massive prayers to sway the outcome of the trial?  Instead of taking to the street or the news to bellyache and protest about the nature of the case, perhaps the energy of Martin’s supporters in this case should have organized a Million Prayer March in Sanford.  It would have been a great show of support and perhaps would have been enough an effort to overcome the prayers of the Zimmerman family.

    Now that the trial is over, I am happy to see that many churches, even those who supported Trayvon Martin, are praying for peace and reconciliation for George Zimmerman and his family.  And considering the lack of major riots following such a heated media item as this case, again we can see the power of prayer at work. On the other side of things, the Zimmerman family also offers prayers for Trayvon Martin, which in a case like this shows an act of good faith and heartfelt caring.

    NBC12.com – Richmond, VA News


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