• George Zimmerman Saves Black Family From Overturned SUV, Performs First Miracle Proving His Holy Innocence

    July 22, 2013 8:46 pm 5 comments

    Brave Rescue: A Florida photographer used his cellphone to capture this image of Zimmerman miraculously saving the black family from their overturned SUV. Local religious leaders say the act could even earn Zimmerman a beatification one day.

    A Florida family’s SUV overturned on a rural highway yesterday. As the stunned family lay trapped and motionless in the vehicle, a man identifying himself as one George Zimmerman emerged to save them.

    This is the same George Zimmerman who only days ago, the left-wing liberal media labeled a cold-blooded opportunist with no redeeming qualities. Authorities have now revealed such is not the case, as Zimmerman set aside his growing international celebrity and embraced humility as he stepped out of seclusion to rescue the family.

    Likely out patrolling the highways and streets for any signs of trouble, George Zimmerman donned his hero’s cowl and swooped into action as others just stood by in awe. “It was like seeing Batman, in real life,” reported Bryan Anderson, a 13-year-old boy shaking in excitement from watching his local Neighborhood Watch Caption in real action.

    Callers to 911 revealed the action-packed scene:

    An SUV lost control in the area of Interstate 3 and State Road 46. It violently flipped to its side and the sound of metal, screams of innocent human lives without hope and relentless torrents of rain slammed through the sky. Emerging from the darkness, a dark-figure in a hoodie to protect his identity and shield himself from all the annoying raindrops.

    Callers said that they saw a man helping family trapped inside the SUV, which had flames coming from its fuselage, and a small explosion knocked the hero back and off his feet.

    With hoodie charring away, the hero’s face was seen for the first time. A shocked caller to 911 exclaimed, “It’s hard to make it out, but I think it is George Zimmerman rescuing them!”

    Another caller: “There was tons of smoke … [Zimmerman] started to rush towards the vehicle,” one caller said.

    Zimmerman managed to get everyone out of the vehicle, motioning them to safety and carrying the dad on his back. The SUV finally exploded, just moments after Zimmerman had directed the family outside the car’s blast radius.

    CNN reports: “By the time a deputy arrived, Zimmerman already had helped the two adults and two children out of the vehicle.” Smith said.

    13-year-old Bryan Anderson said he was inspired by Zimmerman and decided he wants to join the Neighborhood Watch when he grows up. “Zimmerman is the hero Sanford needs, not the hero it deserves.”

    Zimmerman, or now perhaps more aptly named The Amazing Zimmer-Man, exchanged notes with a deputy and after nodding a farewell to the family, jumped back into the darkness to continue his patrol of the rough, tough streets of Sanford.

    After being off the beat for nearly two-years, the similarities to Christian Bale’s Batman and George Zimmerman are paramount:  both are misunderstood heroes, the public stands against them but they will stand up when needed, slip into the shadows in humility and give their all to make sure everyone is safe. 

    Is America ready for ZimmerMan to take to the streets again?

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