• If George Zimmerman Cries Fire in A Crowded Theater and Then Gets Trampled, Is He Still Guilty?

    July 7, 2013 7:17 pm 0 comments
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  • George Zimmerman is a troll.  Plain and simple.  After watching the trial of Zimmerman this week, it has become abundantly clear that the man basically lured Trayvon Martin into a confrontation, then happily and readily fired his loaded gun into the teenager’s chest to murder him in cold blood.

    At this point, the pity-party for Zimmerman may try to play on the heartchords and strum their song in a sad, pitiful minor progression.  Somehow, we are to believe that a man who was a failed applicant for the police force, overly zealous in picking a fight with Treyvon and had even been instructed by a dispatcher to leave the kid alone is the innocent victim of all this?

    Even if Martin had Zimmerman pinned MMA style and rained blow after blow down, Zimmerman’s manipulation of the situation lead to that eventuality.    So let’s not pretend that he didn’t want that exact thing to happen so he could have his little excuse to shoot the kid.  Why else would you follow a kid in a hoodie, eating his Skittles and talking to whatever young woman on his cell phone.

    There is a law here:  if you kick a dog in its face, do not think you can be angry with the dog and its owner when you get bit.  A dog that bites when provoked is not put down or punished.  There is another adage:  if you yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater where there is no fire, and a riot ensues, you just can’t go complaining when you get trampled and then beaten by angry families for yelling fire.

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