• Is Barack Obama A Peeping Tom?

    July 3, 2013 1:21 am 1 comment
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    Back in 2008, I excitedly stood with my friends as we waited for election results:  McCain vs. Obama was the reality and I had just finished an extensive grassroots campaigning session with my roomies.  We were excited to be at Obama’s potential inauguration party and when the results were in, we celebrated like none other.

    Fast-foward to 2013 and I can truly say that I feel like I just caught Obama peeping through my window, lapping his tongue and getting all excited as he watched me undress and reveal my pert body.  It’s okay though, because we need ‘to catch us some terrorists.’

    The entire reason I voted against McCain and despised Bush is that it became abundantly clear they hate freedom.   At no point in time should the Patriot Act have been accepted by this nation.  After being fondled at Dulles Aiport and again at LAX, I was reminded why Benjamin Franklin warned a society who does not protect its freedom does not deserve it.

    We now hear people bellyaching and complaining about the laws and that Eric Snowden will be tasered by the scrotal region if he manages to fall into US custody.  In a sense, we are to blame for the unraveling of our freedoms. The second we gave Bush a carte blanc to invade Iraq and did not have massive, dizzying protests against the Patriot Act, we proved we are a complacent society who does not really care about protecting our freedoms.

    No, I do not want my phone tapped, my emails stolen, my Facebook splayed open or my pictures circulating the emails of some punk NSA kid’s laptop.  If Snowden can get classified information and leak it, what do you think the low level interns and workers are doing with your information?  Your credit card numbers, your personal details, and your life?  What if they decide to pawn it off to the highest bidder for a little kickback scheme, or are actually just a perv who decides they get their rocks off looking through every little detail of your life?

    As long as Obama and the government peer into every aspect of our live and invade our privacy, then they are all Peeping Toms.  And at no point in history can I recall any American taking kindly to a stalker standing outside his or her window.

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