• Is the HyperLoop an attack on the Christian Family?

    July 28, 2013 2:06 pm 8 comments
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  • A white Christian man cannot read the newspaper these days without running into an article dripping with excitement over Elon Musk. So I decided it was my duty to find out who this man is and what does he want to do to America.

    First the facts: Elon Musk is an illegal immigrant from Australia who has received generous welfare payments IN THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from that Kenyan in the White House. Secondly, he hates cars and the American way of life so much that he wants us all try drive dinky little electric scooters that produce range anxiety in normal heterosexual males – destroying our ability to procreate. Thirdly, he hates NASA and has stopped the space shuttle so that he and the Russians can force innocent patriotic astronauts to fly in scary socialists rockets up to Sky Lab and the Hubble telescope. What will he do to them when he has them under his control? I shudder to think. Fourthly, he makes solar panels to help the Chinese proletariate and to destroy the ability of America to be number one in fracking for oil.


    Elon Musk Announcing his HyperLoop

    I don’t yet have definite proof that he is gay, but I am can tell that he is at least half Asian because I see it in his eyes. Now he is going on and on about this new HyperLoop that is going to built in California to take illegal immigrants over the border at 600 miles per hour (or is that meters per hour in communists units?). This thing is going straight under our border fences that George W. Bush built to protect us from terrorists.

    Any Christian American needs to sit up and take notice of this. Elon Musk likes to do lines of cocaine with Barbara Streisand and other hollywood liberals while attacking the values that make America great: oil, the Space Shuttle, and SUV’s. Now he has a plan to destroy our great highway systems and the finest fleet of airplanes in the country and instead put us in tubes that takes us into some dark tunnel where god only knows what they have planned for us. We are not hamsters, Mr. Musk. Your ideas will not sit well with the American people and you should go back to Europe.

    Will the Hyperloop be the “final solution” of the Obama administration? The plan is going to be announced in a few weeks, and I for one and ready to use my constitutional right to defend my white Christian Family against it.

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