• Is Your Husband A Male Twerk Addict?

    July 11, 2013 1:00 am 4 comments

    Does your husband sometimes seem a little sweaty in the brow when you get home early or perhaps is too eager to stay home and cook while you go visit your mother? Perhaps his eagerness is just a veiled excuse to find time to secretly hone is backside Twerking abilities and enter the road to secret homosexuality.

    There is a new secret underground culture of homosexuality called “TWERK”. Twerk stands for Tempting With Exposed Rectal Kink and all across America, from the most respected law offices to the most pious church backrooms, men are being tempted to try out this lifestyle.

    The dance craze actually started in Brazil, but quickly moved north to America vis-à-vis imported callboys and assorted summer flings. The cultural phenomenon involves a man wearing tight-fitting speedos and using tiny, illicit convulsions of the backside to tantalize onlookers. The tighter the Twerker’s skivvies and more pronounced the dance moves, the more they can expose their ‘backside goods’ and cause unknown temptations to the onlooker.

    The next statistic will break the hearts of some wives out there, but recent reports by the Human First Society details that over 87% of men aged 18 to 55 know what Twerking means, and of that number, over 90% confessed to Twerking for a co-worker, classmate or even in-law.

    A hidden camera posted in an elite corporate office in New York found several well-respected men Twerking to classical music. The men have hired a PR company to try to pass the video off as company, but the bottom line is that they were caught Twerking and have cheated on their wives.


    A firm, well-rounded backside and preference of boxer-briefs or tighties to loose boxers are very clear signs that your husband is Twerking.

    If you find your husband working out at the gym more and finding excuses to hang out with his friends too much while wearing jeans or shorts that compliment his figure well, again, you are probably dealing with a Twerker.

    Once your husband Twerks, there is a very good chance he will go all out and experiment with internal homosexuality. If this is the case, there is not much you can do as he explores if he is going to be secretly gay without ever telling you.

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