• Lone Ranger Review: Depp’s Tonto Was Too Pagan and Not Christian Enough

    July 5, 2013 2:29 pm 5 comments

    Christian Movie Review with Reverend Clyde H. Higgins
    Movie: The Lone Ranger (2013)

    Disney’s The Lone Ranger is flopping at the box office and pagan magic is the exact reason why. When hearing that the Lone Ranger was hitting the big screens, I was very excited. When hearing that Disney was behind the film, I expected all the excitement and adventure of a Pirates of the Caribbean film minced with the new-age technology we have seen in the new Marvel Iron Man, Avengers and Thor titles.

    And on that front, the movie did not disappointment. The screen and sets were grand scale, the high-definition action riveting and the plot was sufficiently decent. There was only one big problem with this movie: Depp’s Tonto was just too Pagan and not Christian enough.

    In every Disney movie to date, we could rely on Christian themes and belief panning out for the main characters. In Toy Story, the gang has to go to the gates of hell to realize the true value of friendship, faith and working together. In The Avengers, we see Hulk brutalize Loki, proving once and for all that there are no such things as ‘gods’ as a proper god cannot be beat up by a Gamma-irradiated scientist. This movie had the perfect opportunity for Tonto to realize the great values and traditions of a young, rugged Christian America as he grew in his friendship with the Lone Ranger, but instead we saw the movie dwell in and glorify paganism.

    From the start, the Lone Ranger is slanted against the moral right. The government is portrayed as bad, the army is killing pre-natives and the bad guy is a good, hardworking American everyman. The movie is trying to make it seem that the military industrial complex is a bad thing and not good for the world and for that matter lesser countries.

    As we can see by the people of Egypt clamoring for freedom and the beauty of the 4th of July yesterday, where all people celebrated in America as equals, that message is far from the truth. America’s military has forged a great world and we will continue to forge a great galaxy and universe.

    Before heading out to bring freedom to the pre-native Americans, the film’s ‘villain’ is portrayed as praying to God and we get to see it all from Tanto’s painted and skewed point of view. The movie is all biased and trying to make us feel sorry for Depp’s Tanto when in reality that is not how history worked. In time, the American colonists (aka, native Americans) worked with the pre-natives and shared technology, food, medicine and laughter with each other.

    This movie tries to twist and paint all that reality in a different picture. Sure, there were a few historical hiccups here and there on both sides of the coin. The Wounded Knee ordeal was a terrible travesty and it was cruel how good General Custer met his demise. Both sides did much wrong, but why let that overshadow good feels and how a movie like that should pan out for audiences on the Fourth of July weekend?

    A better theme would have been what was used in The Avengers or Man of Steel. Perhaps some aliens or Russians tried to invade the Wild West, using all sorts of bizarre and new technology. But by steeling together and bridging cultures, and with belief and faith in God, the heroes of the film unite to overcome the obstacle. The movie should be about what America has always been about: putting aside our differences and working together.

    I do not see what could show that better than Tainto cleaning all that makeup off his face, putting on some nice clothings and becoming a ranger himself.

    But instead, we get a hot mess of liberal Hollywood. This movie destroys history and reality, and instead uses some truth-slanted viewed spectacle where good American values are thrown out the window and once again our country is the bogieman, while a culture invented for the movie comes out on top. Lame.

    The liberal elite are perpetuating a culture that does not exist and making all these young people have a guilt complex about America’s proud past. For this reason, here is the ranking for this movie:

    The Lone Ranger S (Sinister) for:  (paganism, making America look bad, prayers to Jesus not working before a war, sinful touches)

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