• MAP: The 23 States Where Stand Your Ground Law Is Legal And You Can Be Shot For Looking Suspicious

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    It may shock you to know, but George Zimmerman may be coming to a state near you.

    And if he sees you suspiciously walking around in your neighborhood, gangsterly sipping on your Arizona Iced Tea and criminally eating your Skittles, all beneath your nice cotton-knit hoodie as you talk to your girlfriend on a cell phone, you can be legally shot to death if you live in one of the following 23 states.

    There is not reason to get bent out of shape or cry if you get shot, or one of your family members gets shot and died, because a man is not a criminal if he feels threatened in a Stand-Your-Ground states and wipes you out. You should have just been inside your home, not making him feel scared.

    Click on the state to see its law.





    Illinois (The law does not include a duty to retreat, which courts have interpreted as a right to expansive self-defense.)









    North Carolina


    Oregon (Also does not include a duty to retreat.)

    South Carolina

    South Dakota




    Washington (Also does not include a duty to retreat.)

    West Virginia


    It is now legal to shoot someone in the heart for looking at you funny, if the verdict reached in the George Zimmerman case is applied. Florida has a unique law called Stand-Your-Grand, giving a citizen the right to use a handgun to shoot, disable or kill a person who they believe is an active threat to their life.

    Trayvon Martin somehow seemed dangerous walking back to his father’s townhome in his gated community. He was a normal teenager in Florida: he had good grades (3.79 GPA), was college-bound, perhaps he smoked a little weed in his days, not much unlike the current US president or Bill “Didn’t Inhale” Clinton. He definitely didn’t have a history of trying cocaine, like President George W. Bush, but instead seemed to be pretty well adjusted and normal American kid.

    Despite his background, George Zimmerman must not have liked the fact that he was black and wearing a hoodie, because we all know that is the most terrifying thing on Earth. Since he felt threatened, he stalked the minor, confronted him and shot him in the heart. And that is perfectly fine and great, because if your kid looks scary in the state of Florida, beware, because the Stand-Your-Ground law is just grounds for them being shot dead.

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