• Martin Luther King Jr. In Hoodie Picture Honors Trayvon Martin Sparks Twitter Outrage

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    martin luther king trayvon martin

    Martin Luther King Jr. Wearing Hoodie

    Imagine being a teenager, walking down the street on a rainy night.  Being a teen, you do not have a car so instead go by foot to grab some Skittles from your local 7-11.  The gated neighborhood is yours, because your father has purchased a house there.  One of the residents in the neighborhood does not remember seeing any black teens walking the streets, so starts to follow you in his car.

    The resident of the neighborhood stalks you and calls 911 non-emergency line, to tell them that you look suspicious and to send a cop.  They comply and tell him to not pursue.  But after yelling, “These damned punks always get away” he decided he needs to jump out of the car for a confrontation.  Scared, you run behind some townhomes.  An adult just jumped out of his car and his making his way toward you.  You don’t know it, but as he stalks you through the heavy rain, he is carrying a fully loaded gun.

    And in a few moments, he will use that fully loaded gun to shoot you through the heart and get away with it.  That is the story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

    Another man, Martin Luther King Jr., was also shot down in the South.  He was shot for being black.   When he was murdered by cowards, he was wearing a full suit and tie.  He was well-educated, well-known and well-spoken.  It is King who largely contributed to the nationwide and now global movement for equality to all people and allowed our civilization to progress.

    Tweet By Van Jones, former Obama advisor

    Twitter turned into a flame war early Monday after Van Jones, Obama’s former advisor, tweeted the above image of Martin Luther King, Jr. Imagine Glen Beck being exposed to Hulk-inducing gamma irradiation and then having to sit through the Earth’s Multicolor Choir singing “We Shall Overcome” while eating food prepared from SNAP card benefits, and you’d have the rough mental imagery equivalent of what’s happening on Twitter right now.

    But we see, there are still idiots amongst us who must be rooted out.  The justice system in Sanford, Florida, failed Martin Luther King’s dream of an America where young men of all color can walk on a sidewalk, in their father’s neighborhood, without being murdered in cold blood.  A young American child’s dream of living his life in peace was thwarted when the coward Zimmerman put a bullet through his heart, as if he were but an animal.  The officers who had the audacity to sit on a jury stand and lie under oath, saying that Zimmerman’s use of force was warranted should hope that “Help Me God” is just a mere formality and that the atheists have it all right, because unless they beg forgiveness I would not want to be in their position on judgment day.

    And beyond all that, it is up to us, as a society, to rally and not let injustice go unpunished.  The Federal Government must once again step up and step forward to represent the voice of America in entirety.  It would be hard to think the entire nation can be as backwards and corrupt as Sanford, Florida.  Just like Governor Wallace had to bow before the nation’s National Guard when he tried to stop integration at schools, Sanford, Florida, will hopefully have to yield to federal authority as we try George Zimmerman for Civil Rights violations.  He stalked a child, impeded his right to life and created the scenario which resulted in Trayvon Martin’s death.

    1)  Zimmerman did pursue the child.

    2)  He followed Trayvon, as evidenced by his voice records and the fact that his bullet ripped through the child’s heart.

    3)  He killed a child.

    Just like when OJ Simpson was found guilty in civil courts, we can only hope the same justice is paid back on George Zimmerman.

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