• Queen of England Legalizes Gay Marriage, Raises Questions of Bea Arthur Syndrome

    July 17, 2013 11:30 am 3 comments

    When one thinks of women like the late Bea Arthur and the Queen of England, words like handsomely dressed and strong of chin come to mind.  Both of these people had strong, sturdy characteristics about them, sort of like the old man who used to vigorously rub Old Spice on his freshly shaved gullet before taking a deep breath of fresh pine mountain air.

    So today’s announcement that the Queen of England gives her Royal Stamp of Approval for gay marriage between all ‘her’ subjects come as no surprise!  I always had my suspicions that the queen may have been a fan of Tuna Melt sandwiches, and now it is all but confirmed!

    In the gay community, they have a word for men who put on fabulous pearls, dresses and perfect makeup and then parade about, wowing everyone as they “werk” it down the street.  They call these men:  Queens.

    So far all these years, just consider this factoid.  That the “Queen” of England is actually the “Fantastically Dressed Gay Head” of England.

    My investigation into this backstory is shocking and powerful, so hold on to your seats for this revelation.

    Fact:  England Does Not Allow Female Rulers

    Women are not allowed to rule over the KINGdom of England.  If that were the case, it would not be called the United Kingdom.  When King Henry VIII decided to call all his wives and create a new Church of England, he did it because he could not produce a male heir.  For some reason, his homunculi did not carry the Y chromosome so he had a bunch of female homuncs swimming around in his gonads.  This is probably from all that inbreeding.

    If you look at the Queen of England above, you would think ‘regal’ and ‘noble’, but if you squint your eyes and really analyze, you would think “Mrs. Doubtfire”.  The Queen’s favorite musicians are gay.  Elton John has been elevated to Sir Elton John and the country’s most famous band, Queen, was headlined by “Sir Freddie Mercury”, who was oft times seen frequenting the Queen’s bedquarters.

    With all their manners and sipping from teacups with fingers extended, loquacious manner and perfect mastery of accented English, all the fine fabrics and stiff, dry, ironic humor, the entire nation of Britain has always had gay tendency.  And how could they have anything else, if their leader is actually a “Queen”.

    The gays of England will now be able to marry starting in August and expect to see that over 70 – 80% of the population have been veiled gays all these years, and who knows, perhaps the queen will finally reveal that beneath her fancy dresses, she has a Kingly Fleshscepter.


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