• Questlove Uses Voodoo Magic To Infect Innocent White Grandmother With Amazing Urban Drumplaying Skills

    July 21, 2013 11:46 pm 1 comment

    Questlove is using some sort of strange powers to trick innocent suburban grandmothers into being little beatmasters.  I believe this is the same power that the Sugarhill Gang used to make innocent grandmothers rap “The Rapper’s Delight” in the 90s and also how Betty White (The Golden Girl) has achieved her wild urban popularity these days.  Somehow, she went from sweet and confused to hip and street-smart.

    Questlove, the lead rhythm and bassed drummer for the Roots, tricked us all into talking about his music last week after making commentary about the Trayvon Martin trial.

    Now first of all, let us think about this:  how can a 7’2″ man who weighs 300 pounds of muscle sit down and type on a little keyboard!  Impossible!  With those big drum playing hands, he’d smash it like a midnight Hulk who had grown frustrated with a mosquito!

    But I digress.  Look at what he did to this innocent grandmother, turning her into one of his acolytes of darkness!  Beware and send Ol’ Grandpa Joe and Granny Betty some holy water to splash, for he may be coming to give drummed lesson at a nursing facility near you.

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