• Receipt: Man Buys Over $100 Worth of Steak and Lobsters with EBT Food Stamp Card

    July 6, 2013 12:09 am 2 comments

    As a recent college graduate, I cannot stress how frustrating it is to see the receipt above.  Not that being plied with loan upon loans to get a degree in poli sci is a tough enough pill to swallow, but now that I am taking a year off school due to a brief illness I am getting the worst of life.  I still work hard every day, but not in any special job.

    To have a good paying job these days, you need at least a masters.  I am done with my bachelor’s degree, I am helping put my younger siblings through school and still make ends meet for myself. I did not go out and have 7 kids I cannot afford, I do not qualify for disability and I am not a female.  I get taxed to the max, get no benefits and I for one am sick and tired of the entitlement society of America.

    The receipt above represents a good portion of what is wrong with this country.  Sure, people need aide from time to time. I sure as hell needed it when doctors found a small tumor growing in my head, but not one agency gave a crap enough to give me relief in any way, form or fashion.  I am a young man, who cares.  But as long as I work, take my money and give it to the non-working welfare queens, illegal immigrants and do-nothing politicians who do not correct errors in our welfare system and let loan interest rates double overnight.

    But beyond all that, people do not need help to the point of getting over $100 worth of lobster and steak dinners.  Several people I know from long ago are posting pictures on Facebook, bragging about their “Snap Card” being reloaded for the first of the month (when government issues a new money allowance to the cards) and taking pictures of, you guessed it, steaks, lobsters with cigarettes sitting in the background.

    I have a bowl of canned ravioli stewing on the stove right now.  I do not have any kids right now, because I cannot afford them.  I am headed back for my masters and PhD this coming year.  And I will accrue more debt and have to pay income taxes to support people who are doing nothing but milking our monetary system, while certain politicians will viciously fight for their right to do so, so they can get reelected by looking like the good guy.

    The picture speaks for itself and in my hungered, empty-pocketed frustration, I cannot even equivocate my frustration every time I look at this receipt.  I’ll stop writing for now, because my canned ravioli smells burnt and I really cannot afford to waste too much food.  Every time I swipe my debit card, it is coming straight out of my HARD earned money.

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