• Resident Evil 6 – a Holy game in which God walks you through Hell

    July 14, 2013 2:00 am 6 comments

    I played Resident Evil 6 last week and it rekindled my relationship with God. It is a Holy videogame and it is a depiction of Armageddon as revealed in the book of Revelations. The player gets to fight as a soldier of God and through God kills demons and monsters, which are the same, and eventually gets to kill Satan, who is represented in the game by a character whose name is Derek C. Simmons.  The allegory in this game is beautiful as it all relates to various stories in the Bible. This is undeniable proof that God hand his hand in the production of this game.

    I loved every moment of this game and I could feel Jesus Christ at my side as my protector. At a few moments in the game, I could swear I felt Jesus controlling Helena in Leon’s campaign. The still, small voice of God said to me, “Man of God, through me you have slain those demons in the pit of sin, and you have earned a place in Heaven.” Not everyone will hear God’s voice when playing this game, though. To hear the voice of God one must have unshakable faith in the Lord and serve the Lord for many years.

    There are a few disturbing scenes in the game and I know in my heart that these scenes were created to make one hate sin. The zombies in the graveyard rose up from the dead and ripped off their clothes in a fit of raging homosexuality before coming to the player. These zombies try to jump on the player and push him onto the ground to rape him.  You really have to wriggle your way out of this one. The picture below shows the main character Leon after he is pushed to the ground. The zombie on the ground is crawling lustfully to Leon in hopes of accessing his nether regions to implant a zombie seed.

    Later in the graveyard, there were zombie dogs among the indecent zombies and I knew from that moment that those nude zombies were practicing bestiality in the graveyard, a typical Satanic ritual at that, and God knows what other kinds of evil monsters they were trying to cook up in such an unGodly fashion. Thank the good Lord that I got there in time to interrupt their cross-species orgies. The above picture shows a dog in mid air after it is interrupted during its orgy with the zombie. The dog, being possessed by the power of Satan, lunges into the air with supernatural stamina to try to pin Leon down as the crawling zombie closes in.

    Rape is not the only thing these zombies will do. These are a new species of zombies and they use guns. They will try to kill you first and then anal rape you. It almost happened to me in the game, and praise the Lord Jesus Christ that Jesus took my hand and pulled the zombie out of me. As stated above these zombies practice rape, sodomy, necrophilia, bestiality, and homosexuality. This game is a Holy game because you fight against and destroy everything that God despises. God literally walked me through Hell in this game and through Him, and Him alone, I fought the bad guy, Derek C. Simmons, who acts as Satan in the game.

    This game provides a rich metaphor for conceptualizing matters of spiritual significance. The allegory contained within is beautiful because it relates to various well-known stories in the Bible, such as Armageddon in the Book Of Revelation and countless others. Ada Wong’s escape from the sinking submarine is based on Noah’s Ark. Piers Nivans’ defeat of the mutated creature is based on David and Goliath. Last but not least, the injecting of the C-virus into human flesh and the resulting mutations into a hideous monster is based on the story of Adam and Eve and represents what happened when Eve ate the apple…sin.

    It is my belief and God’s will that all Christians should play this game. This game can teach a prospective Christian a great, great deal about the Bible. I learned so much from this game that I can’t fit everything into a single article. My spiritual batteries have been recharged after ridding the world of sin in this epic, God-inspired representation of Armageddon. I hope to see children playing this game in Sunday school as a warning to what will happen to you if you sin.

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