• Satan Teaches Cat How To Twerk Its Sinhole, Evidence

    July 21, 2013 9:12 pm 3 comments

    I am utterly disgusted right now. As my friends and sources scoured the internet for immoral things to warn you about today, a video appeared in where a white-shorts mamacita is shaking her moneymaker to get more Facebook likes. But it is what happens four seconds into the video that is beyond absolute shock!

    Look at how the cat presents itself in the classic Poopy-Squat pose, a prone position that makes gay men stamp their hindquarters in heat and mew until the wee hours of the morning. The cat is trying to seduce humans right along with its master, and we know who is to blame: Satan.

    He is using the song to send hidden, coded messages to the cat’s brain. Remember, cats are the only modern “pet” not mentioned in the Bible because God was disgusted by them. A long time ago, Satan used “science” to manipulate the genome of some poor create and developed the cat: flirty, lusty, vile and coy, all the qualities of Satan in one vain hairball.

    It should actually be no surprise to find a video of a cat that has learned to Twerk, considering how often these little harlots are popping out Obamacare litters all through the streets.

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