• Science Killed Evolution

    July 28, 2013 2:03 pm 3 comments

    Hello Liberal Atheist Rubbáge, I have become well aware of your pathetic Satan inspired theory of EVOLUTION and your worship of SCIENCE. I shall make my statement short but sweet, if you believe in your OHHH so erroneous Evolution, and worship it so fully, and Know that, that is how life should progress, WHY would you allow the rampant use of SCIENCE and SOCIAL PROGRAMS to nip it in  it’s bud? Isn’t medicine allowing gene traits that would otherwise die out to flourish? Isn’t the use of social programs allowing those without the proper survival traits to leech onto those that do, too survive? You are killing the human race according to your own philosophies.

    Not only do I, but the Great God above find this propensity to be disgusting and unworthy of the chosen.

    Why would you allow the Homogays to reverse sinhole breed out of control, their race will end up taking over and end the human race on their own. YOU ARE DOOMING US ALL!

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