• Stores Now Selling Baby Wigs ‘Baby Bangs’

    July 10, 2013 12:14 pm 0 comments

    From the land of freedom surveillance and overweight ego celebrities, we can now introduce our babies to the pitfalls of our culture vis-à-vis a baby wig. That is right: parents can now decide that little Tiffany or Kippers needs to be a stunning, bombshell bomb for her beach day and attach hair pieces to the little tyke.

    Starting at just $20 and sold at fine retail centers like Wal-Mart and Target, Baby Bangs will likely fill the carts of a variety of teenaged suburban moms and other people who probably should not have kids. The wigs are meant for babies up to 9-months of age and barring something like childhood cancer or alopecia (which, frankly, I do not think babies care too much about their follicular status and if anyone judges them, they should be racked and have tomatoes hewn about them), what reason on Earth do you have to put your baby in something like this?

    Some babies just do not grow much hair. Deal with it! Teach your child from the get-go to be proud of their bodies. Otherwise, you will have to get endless generations of Jay-Z clones crooning, “Girl, why ain’t you ever ready! By now, you should look like Halle Berry!”

    Or in other words, things like Baby Wigs help perpetuate a stereotype, now starting at a baby’s age, that you have to look a certain way to be socially acceptable. This isn’t a baby’s self-confidence issue. This isn’t an overcoming a figure-changing ailment issue for a baby. This is a parent who is putting societal quirks over being proud of their baby for being who they are, bald or not. Grow up, American parents.

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