• US ARMY Unveils Atlas Terminator Robot, Snowden Hoarding Russians Cower in Fear

    July 13, 2013 12:06 pm 7 comments

    Only weeks after Russia has failed to deliver Eric Snowden back into America’s powerful hands, the US ARMY has been forced to unveil a prototype terminator robot. With all the spying going on, we all now understand that it is only a matter of time before Obama reveals a SkyNet like program being in place, so it only makes sense that we have these powerful war machines.

    Named after the mythological Greek figure Atlas, who was tasked with upholding the world, the Atlas DARPA (Defending American Rights Power Authority) Terminator Robot stands over 6 feet tall, is made of diamond covered steel and uses the XBOX 1 surveillance technology, co-opted with Google Glass.

    Vladmir Putin immediately changed his tone about Eric Snowden once this robot was revealed. To date, Russians have thumbed their noses at America’s power and authority, stating that Snowden could continue to leak all his secrets about the NSA program. But now, with this mighty robot’s release, Putin has immediately forced Snowden to promise he will not reveal any more of America’s secrets.

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