• Was Zimmerman/Trayvon Verdict A Freemason Conspiracy To Distract Us From NSA?

    July 14, 2013 1:47 pm 1 comment

    Trayvon Martin’s Grandfather in his freemason attire.

    The United States Government is being annexed by the oldest, most powerful group in the world: The Freemasons.

    Freemasonry is an secretive, ancient sect of atheistic origin whose members tend to be prominent, powerful members of society. Nine of the founding fathers of America were freemasons: Benjamin Franklin, William Ellery, John Hancock, Joseph Hewes, William Hooper, Robert Paine, Richard Stockton, George Zimmerman-Walton and William Whipple. George Washington was also a Freemason.

    One president who was not a freemason: John F. Kennedy. We see what happened to him. Another president who stood against freemasonry? Abraham Lincoln.

    Franklin Roosevelt was an unwitting freemason by virtue of his actions in World War II, dragging the US into a war that was largely idealistic in background.  As the war neared its end, Roosevelt suddenly fell ill and was replaced by a new, powerful mason named Harry Truman.  Truman dropped the newest Masonic Weaponry upon Japan, securing America’s role as the new armchair empire for freemasonry. The lunatic Hitler wrote a scribe that tried to tie freemasonry into Judaism, claiming that the belief system was a front for world domination. What Hitler missed in his blinded rage and scapegoating is that freemasonry goes beyond creed, edict or religious belief. It is about one thing: capital, in the form of power and control.

    To this end, anyone can be a freemason.  It is not exclusive to a particular people or religion:  freemasonry can extend into everyone’s background.

    Ronald Reagan himself was against freemasonry, wanting to get away from centralized banking and make America patriotic, just and proud again. And we see that a crazed gunman, William Hinkley Jr., almost ended his life as well. Thank goodness fate said otherwise on what could have been a tragic day for America.

    But now Barack Obama is in office and he is a freemason.

    And new reports indicate that even Trayvon Martin’s father could have been a freemason.

    And that is what brings us full circle.  In America’s long history of obtaining global power, quickly surpassing far older and smarter empires in a few short years during World War II, the people of the nation have had an odd chip on their shoulder.  Americans tend to buck off the ‘right’ of the government to spy.  They buck at the very notion of authority, it is a general cultural phenomenon that has always kept the nation true and free.

    But the masons have concocted all sorts of schemes to buckle that resolve:  fearmongering with terrorists, the invention of 24-7 media that tears the country apart along racial and economic lines and most recently, with spying on Americans to ensure any true ‘freethinkers’ are found out and routed.

    Obama’s new drone program, meant to intimidate, found a bed-buddy of shame when a man named Eric Snowden came forward to reveal to Americans one thing they should be bound to hate:  their freedoms were being trampled upon, they were being spied upon in the name of fighting terrorism.  As Snowden now runs for his life, hiding in nations not so prone to Freemasonry, the freemasons needed a big distraction, one that would further their agenda of tearing America apart based on Fox News vs. HuffPost lines, but even further to distract everyone from the political scandal, with the trial taking preeminence.

    And what verdict other than “George Zimmerman is Innocent” could cause a bigger uproar using the carefully crafted media machine, meant to tear us all apart?

    I am what some may call a ‘white collar good ol’ boy’.  I was raised in the bayou, was educated at the Harvard in the South, grew up in an old plantation mansion and had a personal “Big Momma’ maid who made me breakfast every day and got me dressed for school.  And even with all my Southern upbringing, growing up not far from folks who think like Paula Deen, I am entirely convinced that it is bogus that this George Zimmerman got away with shooting an unarmed teenager in the heart.

    In no other scenario could I imagine this happening and a man getting away with it.  But then again, I watched John F. Kennedy got shot in the head and cover-up after cover-up unfold through the years, involving multiple deaths in that family.


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