• WATCH: Impala Jumps Into Tourist SUV To Escape Cheetahs

    July 11, 2013 1:20 am 0 comments
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  • From the plains of Africa, an action packed story where a smart impala hopped into an SUV full of tourists to escape a group of hungry cheetahs. Of course, it was all captured on tape.

    With a slew of predators ready to sink their teeth into its flash, a clever impala sought refuge among humans who were touring Africa in their SUV. As the amazing footage shows, the impala dramatically leaped into an open window in the SUV and remained inside until the coast was clear.

    The daring escape started when a sports utility vehicle, out with another group of cars, stopped to film the active chase that was taking place. Cheetahs had intentionally spooked a herd of prey and were working to isolate an individual for a meal.

    “All of a sudden we saw the impala jump out of the bushes and then someone started screaming ‘it is in the car, it is in the car!” reports Samantha Pittendrigh, who recorded the video. Not happy to be part of the action, some people in the care cried, “Open the door, open the door”, Pittendrigh reports.

    The chase took place at Kruger Park, which seems to always have some action-packed footage for us.

    In later interviews, the panicked passengers said they did not mind the impala hiding out with them, but they were worried the hungry cheetahs might jump into the SUV and just eat every piece of non-cheetah flesh in sight.

    Needless to say, the cheetahs were very confused and decided not to chase the clever impala, who just happily pranced away. The cheetahs will now always have to wonder if impalas are truly friends with big metal predators who will gladly let them escape its belly.

    Kruger Park also gave us this gem:

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