• Will Someone Please Spank Justin Bieber?

    July 10, 2013 12:03 pm 1 comment

    This creature from the 21st century displays its Swag, a visible manifestation of internal low-self-confidence splattered with awkward bits of arrogance from obscene financial wealth and ‘yes-men’ clamoring to it.

    Justin Bieber has gone far beyond needing a timeout.  It is sad and pathetic that in our society, celebrities regularly get away with drunk driving, petty crimes and probably even murder.  And while all those things are bad in themselves, we have Justin Bieber who transcends all the woes of a celebrity-worship culture into the realm of pure delusional arrogance, somewhere where King Henry VIII likely dwelled before he decided it was okay to kill another wife  for not giving him a son and crown himself a god.

    Bieber today decided to urinate into a restaurants mop bucket.  This is so disgusting that we will link to the folks at TMZ, who have the full footage.

    If Bieber wants to punch people outside his swanky hotels or nightclubs, fine.  If he wants to be an idiot and make social gaffes at the expense of a social figure like Anne Frank, whatever, the kid is a backwater dolt for most intent and purposes.

    But when you walk into a restaurant, decide to whip your little diseased flesh nugget out and urinate in a bucket, that will likely be used to mop the floor where people walk to their tables, you have crossed the line from inexperienced, insufferable little twit to a kid who actually needs a good ass-whooping.

    There is no way around it:  Bieber took off from home and from his parent’s authority as a young teen.  He was then given millions of dollars, surrounded by people who tell him he can do whatever he wants and he knows full well he doesn’t need his parents support at this point in his life.  He’s growing disillusioned and his increasing erratic behavior, much as we’ve seen with other essentially middle-class rags to celebrity riches kid celebrities, is headed toward a classic VH1 “Where Are They Now” life changing event.

    When someone is this far removed from reality, how do you reel them back in?

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