• With George Zimmerman Free, Can Blacks Now Shoot All Floridans in All-White Cone Hoodies?

    July 13, 2013 10:38 pm 2 comments

    If you are scared of someone because they are wearing a hoodie, it is apparently okay to shoot them in the state of Florida.  George Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin, a black kid in a hoodie, was worth following and baiting into confrontation.  Then, George Zimmerman shot him.  A Florida jury found that this is okay, setting a precedent that you can bait anyone you want into confrontation and as long as they have on a suspicious looking hoodie, you are okay.

    The titular question was posed on a Reddit message board and the question is obviously rhetorical in nature but there is a thought:  what is the new precedent in ‘stand your ground’ laws?

    George Zimmerman maintains he felt Trayvon Martin was a threat because he was wearing a hoodie.  If Trayvon Martin were a fit, 18-year-old girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and wearing a Delta Gamma hoodie, would he have followed her around, stalking her at night as she chatted on her phone, drinking tea and having bites of candy on a late night stroll in her father’s gated community?

    If anything, we would have hanged Zimmerman by his testicles for pursuing her in any way, form or fashion and never would we have thought twice if she punched him in self-defense.  Why?  He had no right to harass her and provoke her.

    But since Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie and he unfortunately was a black male, and that scares people like George Zimmerman, he was fair game for a shooting.

    The bottom line is this:  racial profiling is not okay.  George Zimmerman is getting away with murder on some ‘proof beyond doubt’ technicality, because there was no witness to reasonably deny the web of lies he mustered.  Zimmerman shot Martin in the heart, got away with it and hopefully, will never decide to leave his house wearing a hoodie.

    Because with the logic of this courtroom, only an idiot would feel safe around George Zimmerman.  If he thinks you look suspicious, he’ll get you on an isolated street, threaten you until you attack him and then whip out his gun and shoot you in the heart.  If you don’t get the drop on him, you’ll be the next murdered person who gets no vengeance in his honor.


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