• Young Bill Clinton Looks Like Quagmire From Family Guy

    July 5, 2013 1:33 pm 0 comments


    Here is a wedding photograph of young Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham-Clinton.  Hillary’s smirk says pretty much all we need to know about her attitude, but even back then we can discern that slick Bill has the libido of Quagmire from Family Guy.  Men with beef chins and hairlines that tend to not recede truly do seem to have a gene that requires them to stick and prod every thing that moves, no matter if they are married or not.

    Considering the looks of Hillary Clinton when she was younger, perhaps it is not too surprising:

    If Hillary Clinton decided to go into being a rich-daughter of prominent people, we probably would find her looking like this.

    Seriously, do your own poll.  Think of all the men you know who have a Clinton-styled hairline, then ask if they have been faithful to their wives or hit on you or your wife.  The answer will be ‘yes’ most of the time, and if not, you probably just don’t know about it.

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